bookmark_borderColour themes in the landscape

As I go about the landscape, I often see colour compositions perfect for website design and layout.

Indeed, fancy software is available that does just that. But these tools are usually over-specified, and we can so the same sort of things ourselves.

In this example, we might use the paler parts of the sky for our background, the bright blue for links, the serious cloud colour for headings and body text, and the greens and golden colours for text accents, underlines, and decorative motifs.

west berkshire landscape view as colour reference
West Berkshire landscape view as colour reference. Looking north from here.

What I like most about this idea is how it provides a great opportunity for immediate collaboration. “Hey Charles, I would love it if my website could incorporate the colours in the photo that I’m sending.”

The colours will then end up in the CSS for your website. I discuss CSS briefly on my Terminology page.

bookmark_borderBOTH AND

Pen and ink drawing of a painting on an easel with the artist's had and brush

Looking for a nifty and resonant image for this first post, I came upon this drawing that I made around 1990. It reminded me how much I enjoyed a recent visit to BOTH AND, an exhibition of work by Calum Storrie and Geoffrey Winston.

The exhibition runs until 24 November 2019. There will be an Artists’ Talk on 9 November and a closing concert on 24 November. Oh, and it’s a very nice bookshop!